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Brewing Relief Amid COVID-19

Providing in a Time of Need

To show their appreciation for the commitment and courage of frontline workers, Keurig Commercial has been “Fueling the Frontline” with beverage donations. Over the last month, the team shipped brewer and beverage bundles to 350 hospitals in heavily impacted areas across 32 states nationwide. To date a total of 3,238 Keurig® brewing systems have been placed, along with over 2 million Keurig® K-Cup® pods.

Healthcare workers at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and UW Medicine in Seattle pose with their new brewers to show their appreciation.


“Your Keurig donation arrived today. Thank you so much. What a generous gift to our staff!!! The various ICU’s and units that we delivered them to LOVED them and were very grateful.”

In addition to donating brewers, the Keurig Commercial Mobile Coffeehouse, previously set for an East Coast office tour, quickly pivoted to a special healthcare mission to provide relief with Keurig coffee and Keurig Dr Pepper bottled beverages. Over the course of 3 weeks, the truck made 11 stops and served over 15,000 beverages to healthcare workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

These are just a couple examples of the positive impact they’re driving toward during this trying time. They appreciate the partnerships that have helped us to make a difference.

Healthcare workers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, TX enjoy a complimentary beverage break on Keurig Dr Pepper.

“I love this Laughing Man, it just makes me wanna laugh!”.

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