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Coffee Hound Ground Coffee Mix n Match


Brand: Coffee Hound Coffee Co.Coffee Hound Coffee Co.

Coffee Hound Coffee Company Mix-N-Match six 12 oz bags of ground coffee. Simply indicate the number of bags of each flavor you'd like when ordering. Total choices must equal six bags.

Area Code 207 Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Our blend of Columbian & Sumatran has a smooth flavor of brown sugar, chocolate & malt for a super low acidic brew.  Named after our 207 Cold Brew kegged product in collaboration with Geaghan Brothers Brewing in Brewer, ME

12 Ounce iconCaffeine iconDark Roast icon

44.38° N 68.20° W Bar Harbor Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Great for all day drinking coffee blend of Costa Rican & Sumatran beans with notes of cherries, milk chocolate and malt named after our flagship cafe in Bar Harbor where it became a favorite.

12 Ounce iconCaffeine iconMedium Roast icon

The Golden Road Light Roast Ground Coffee

Our single origin Guatemalan light roast is smooth and easy for drinking and brings out the brown sugar grape and citrus flavor notes while providing the highest amounts of caffeine named after the famous 96 miles road in Northern Maine.

12 Ounce iconCaffeine iconLight Roast iconSingle Origin Coffee

US Route 1 North Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Our DECAF Medium single origin Honduran is going to surprise you with flavor notes of dark chocolate and citrus. It is very smooth for every non-caffeine drinker and named after the major north-south route that serves the whole East Coast of the United States which is a slow driving route – no caffeine needed.

12 Ounce iconDecaf iconMedium Roast iconSingle Origin Coffee

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