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Convenience Stores - profitable coffee solutions

Profitable Coffee Solutions for Convenience Stores

Northeast Coffee Company has a variety of coffee program solutions to help your customers create a profitable, fully-branded coffee experience. Our program provides the right mix of product, merchandizing, and marketing support you need to succeed, based on coffee sales volume.

Whether you brew 500 pounds of coffee a year or over 2,000 pounds, we can help make your coffee program more profitable.

Maximize Sales and Increase Traffic with Green Mountain Coffee® and revv™

You can turn your convenience store into a destination coffee stop by serving exceptional Green Mountain Coffee. With a wide range of roast profiles and flavors, we can help you offer the right mix to maximize sales and profit. We'll give you a customized product recommendation that includes:

  • Coffees to suit your region and competitive environment
  • A Limited Edition Seasonal program featuring popular flavored coffees
  • revv™ — a unique, extra bold coffee to ignite your sales
  • Recommendations to capitalize on demand during every day-part
  • Marketing solutions to grow your coffee sales and expand your customer base, including iced coffee and loyalty programs
  • Coffee education and training to ensure great quality and customer loyalty

happyrevvdrinkersA Brand that Drives Customer Loyalty

Consumers consistently rate Green Mountain Coffee at the top in taste, quality, and experience. Even if this is your first specialty coffee offering, we can help you quickly build customer trial and loyalty with a brand and product that consumers love.

Kick-Start your Coffee Sales with revv™

revv is an extra-bold coffee with rich body, smooth balance, and high-octane attitude. revv delivers 27% more coffee and 27% more kick. With its heavy throw-weight and bold, eye-catching graphics, revv appeals to the same consumers who made energy drinks the fastest-growing beverage category in the United States. Coffee is a critical part of your business. We can make it work for you.

Let Your Customers Know you Only Serve the Best

An attractive, well-branded coffee area is critical to optimizing coffee sales in the convenience store environment. Our point-of-sale materials and merchandizing guidelines will help your customers transform their coffee area into a premium coffee destination.

Did you know?

  • Coffee is the top planned purchase in a c-store
    96% of coffee buyers knew they were going to buy a cup of coffee when they entered the store (Source: Willard Bishop Consulting)
  • Convenience store coffee customers are loyal
    More than 2/3 of customers buying coffee at c-stores do so 4+ times per week (Source: The Learning Exchange, Willard Bishop Consulting)

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