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Green Mountain Variety Regular Coffee K-Cups offer a delightful assortment of classic flavors, ensuring there's something to satisfy every coffee lover's palate. This variety pack features four distinct blends, each carefully crafted with high-quality Arabica beans sourced from around the globe.

  1. Breakfast Blend: Start your day on a bright note with this smooth and balanced medium roast. Breakfast Blend offers a lively flavor profile with subtle hints of citrus and a clean finish, providing the perfect wake-up call for your morning routine.

  2. Dark Magic: Indulge in the bold and intense flavor of Dark Magic, a dark roast blend that captivates the senses with its rich taste and complex aroma. This full-bodied brew boasts notes of bittersweet chocolate and a lingering smoky finish, delivering a deeply satisfying coffee experience.

  3. French Roast: Experience the allure of a classic French roast with this rich and decadent blend. French Roast features a deep, dark color and a bold flavor profile, with hints of caramelized sugars and a velvety smooth finish that leaves a lasting impression.

  4. Vermont Country Blend: Embrace the rustic charm of Vermont with this medium roast blend, offering a comforting and familiar taste of home. Vermont Country Blend boasts subtle notes of sweet caramel, a touch of nuttiness, and a hint of earthiness, delivering a comforting and inviting coffee experience.

Whether you're craving a gentle wake-up call, a bold and robust brew, or a comforting cup of coffee that evokes the warmth of home, Green Mountain Variety Regular Coffee K-Cups have you covered. Indulge in the convenience and versatility of this assortment, offering a delicious coffee experience for any occasion.

Included are:

  • 6 Breakfast Blend
  • 6 Dark Magic® 
  • 4 French Roast
  • 6 Vermont Country Blend®

Please note: contents in this variety box may change slightly based on product availability.

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