Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® French Roast Coffee K-Cups

$14.99 Brand: Green Mountain Coffee®Green Mountain Coffee®

Smoky, Rich, Indulgent

Green Mountain French Roast K-Cups offer a bold and intense coffee experience, perfect for those who appreciate the rich flavors of a dark roast. Crafted from the finest Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America, this dark roast blend is expertly roasted to perfection, bringing out the deep, smoky flavors characteristic of a classic French roast.

With each sip, you'll encounter a robust and full-bodied coffee, boasting notes of dark chocolate, caramelized sugars, and a hint of spice. The aroma is equally captivating, with its bold and aromatic presence filling the room, enticing you to indulge in the moment.

Green Mountain French Roast K-Cups deliver a satisfying and invigorating coffee experience, whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or a midday treat. With its bold flavor profile and smooth finish, this coffee is sure to awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Indulge in the bold and complex flavors of Green Mountain French Roast K-Cups, and experience the timeless allure of a classic dark roast coffee.

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