Wicked Joe Hawaiian Hazelnut (Rain Forest Alliance) 2.2oz 50 pkgs/case

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Tasty Hazelnut with a hint of coconut. You’ll feel like hopping on board and riding the tube at Pipeline…or maybe just a second cup!

Wicked Joe’s Coffee Roasting Co., Maine Roasted Coffee.

50 count case of 2.2oz. packages

Regular Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Flavored Coffee Organic Coffee Rainforest Alliance

About Wicked Joe

At Wicked Joe it is our mission to source exceptional coffee from around the world, guarantee sustainable wages for the farmers who grow our wonderful beans, and roast epic coffee for each and every customer. We encourage everyone to capture moments and take the time to step out of their normal rhythm of life, to cherish family and friends and create ritual around an extraordinary cup of coffee

Wicked Joe’s signature is a delightfully sweet aroma and a distinctive, clean and bright cup that is true to its exotic origin.

Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love.
-Turkish Proverb/Wicked Joe Philosophy

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